I created this blog because I, a person who wants to be involved and is paying attention, and wants to take action, didn’t know what to do when someone said “call your representatives.” I spent Monday (11/14), while in the midst of  work, trying to collect the phone numbers, and questioning how to act. The Senate website only lists the DC numbers, I couldn’t get through. Was I able to call anyone other than my own congress people?

I have done a lot of reading in the last week, including this amazing account from a former staffer as to what means of communication work and this amazing google doc with talking points

I wanted to create a place where you could find the information. Where the links aren’t going anywhere. Where you have a “one sheet” with the most important numbers you need.

A title you could say to someone and they could look it up later.

There is a post for every state. It is searchable. I will update with the newly elected officials. Share it. Link it. Copy/Paste it. Do whatever you can to get people acting.

It’s an unfortunate reality that we will need to police this administration. They will try to distract us. They will have conflicts of interest (they already do) We NEED to realize that calling our elected officials is our new normal.

And, to summarize:

  1. It is most effective to call your state representatives
  2. You are ABSOLUTELY free to call government leadership (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi)
  3. AND you are also free to call ANY elected official.

So, next time you hear about a terrible bill put forth by a certain senator, you can search their name on emergencycivicslesson.wordpress.com and you will find every number you need to contact them and voice your concern

Call them. Flood their offices with calls. Refuse to be ignored.